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Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
The biggest game next week outside of USC vs ND is the Florida vs FSU game. That win can give them a huge boost in the rankings...yes they don't play in the SEC champ game but LSU didn't either last year.

Also Oregon still has to play the beavers this week too and that's not going to be a duck walk at all..... This is what college football is all about!!! No matter what if ND wins they are in the title game.

i think you meant Bama, not LSU...

but that had more to do with the timing of the losses..just like this years Bama team has a chance to do again.

Bama lost early (compared to everyone else) and won out..while everyone ahead of them lost and lost and lost

I can see you trying to use that argument...only problem is there would hae to be a LOT of losing ahead of the rest of the SEC teams for it to be 2 SEC teams again.

ND would have to lose...UGA lose title game...Oregon lose next week..PLUS they have to beat a not so easy FSU team

i mean..sure its possible...but id say closer to 10% chance
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