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Originally Posted by Vincesanity View Post
Don't let denial eat away at you.
Originally Posted by cdub6238 View Post

whos 3rd best team (G Tech) lost to MTSU??
whos 4th best team lost to oneof the worst SEC Teams (NC St..see UT)

Big 10?

whos best team is on probation and doesnt matter anyways?
and whos schedules are softer than toilet paper?

Big 12?

whos best team was just embarrassed by a 5-5 unranked team?
whos 2nd best team almost lost to another unranked 5-5 team?

Pac 12?

if you say this..i clearly know its biased
Keep chasing those SEC panties, boys. I'm not in denial at all. Its easy for someone to ride a conference bandwagon when their team can't compete to be in the top half of it.
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