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This is exactly what I was thinking, but was not eloquent enough to type.

Originally Posted by [B
[/B]Verufian;3662338]Qwasian, I've done a deal with you before, it went really smooth. Nothing to complain about our deal. But whatever you have decided to become over the last 2 weeks I just don't understand. Now you are constantly trolling threads, bringing yourself in a negative light even though before this, you were a guy that just made good deals, quietly.

I'm not saying you were wrong with your deal with nuccionino, but you were also not right (not that my opinion really matters in the end). Did it take 13 days to get to you? Sure. Did he not reply to PMs? Absolutely. Do you feel that deserved a negative? Sure you did. I'm not saying that is wrong. Each person has their own idea on what a positive deal is or a negative deal.

Where you are throwing this all out is your attitude. Did someone call you out and you got pissed off? Sure did, nothing wrong with that at all. But the name calling and the just pure venomous attitude coming from you is turning a bunch of people off, including myself. Acting like a child telling people to EAT IT over and over isn't something that I would expect from someone with 19 years of graphic design experience, or someone that does thousands of paypal transactions per month.

Will you continue to get business on Blowout? Absolutely. So will nuccionino, even with that negative. Speaking for myself though, I wouldn't want to deal with you again, because all you have done is shown that IF something goes wrong with our transaction, this is the picture you've painted on what will happen then. I would expect more from somebody with your "resume".

Take it for what it's worth. I'm sure you will spit some attitude at me with this post, but I just wanted to let you know how "other people outside of the people that bond together" feel.
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