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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
so your saying I was completely correct, yet I got attacked over & over & over & over again about it, but Im not supposed to respond? so now you don't want to deal with me anymore? keep in mind none of these threads are mine. i'm not going to respect people that don't respect me.........

I am more than fine with you being turned off to future deals based on what you've read, I respect your opinion, most of the deals I do are to give money to people, help them sell stuff that isn't normally selling, etc. so I don't really feel like I would lose much by not doing a deal. I don't really need to do deals, I just do them to interact because I like cards, I certainly wouldn't want to deal with anyone that doesn't want to deal with me. I honestly really hope I turn off more people to dealing with me that feel the way you do. because people who allow people to conduct business the way these guys do and back them up on it, I'm not interested in dealing with in the first place.
I never said once I supported the way they did their deal with you. I never said once you aren't supposed to respond. It's the way you are choosing to respond. Trolling threads and name calling. I actually said you were right in your feelings towards that deal. But it's your reaction after that which has "turned me off". If you had said your peace, remained calm, and not went immature, I wouldn't feel that way. It's your choice who you "give money to". But it's also my choice of who's money I want.
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