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Default Downsizing my colletion: Ebay or COMC?

So, have decided to downsize my very large collection to mainly braves stuff and stuff in my sig.

I was just wondering what everyone thought about eBay vs COMC?

What sells best where?

From what I've noticed Ebay is typically the hottest/newest stuff. Also, after shipping and fees with Ebay it doesn't appear to be as beneficial.

If something sells in the $10 or less range on eBay does it make more sense to just send it to COMC and put the credit towards something you want?

My biggest fear is sending stuff to COMC and it just sitting there and me having to pay for it to sit. But it also doesn't make sense to sell stuff on ebay for really cheap after all the fees, shipping and hassle.

Just looking to see what everyone's experiences are.

Buying all past and present Braves (in a Braves Uniform or in their system when the card was made). Also, looking for Falcons and UGA & GT Football Alumni (A.J. Green, Calvin Johnson, Matt Stafford, etc) COMC account 800+ cards lowest prices on the site.
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