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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
if they didn't follow me around the board constantly making negative comments and talking slick it wouldn't be that way, infact that's the reason for the thread in this forum, because the guy was nervous that he was talking so much trash and putting my name in his sig he thought he might get in trouble for it. but I absolutely agree with you, you have every right to do whatever you want, I could care less, it's cards. I have no problem obtaining the cards I like. I mean? why am I supposed to care if you wouldn't want me to buy your cards in the future? so what? you probably save me some money/time.

just check your feedback you left for me and think about it the next time you can't get somebody to buy your cards in the B/S/T forum........... Awesome buyer! Instant Payment! Thanks! - Verufian

Im a buyer...... I refuse to deal with people who do bad business and act all types of crazy, if that offends you, COOL......... if I go to walmart and got the same treatment, guess what, i'm not going back to that walmart either!
I was nervous? You REFUSE to admit when you are wrong. You lie so much. You name call like a child. I just wanted to prove that you were lying and I wasn't. I never talk trash or anything, stop making stuff up I was just proving that you were lying, you were making stuff up, and you overreacted big time. That's all. I don't see anything in my signature anymore, however you have something. Just stop with the making stuff up, and man up for once. Just because you don't have a bad deal doesn't make you a great "businessman". You did to respect people too, and you clearly don't, with all the people talking bad about you, when you do nothing wrong in reality in terms of the deal.
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