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Originally Posted by Verufian View Post
You are right, and I hope for your sake that more people don't think like me, so you can continue in your business. I said in my first post our transaction was great.

I do impeccable business as well, here AND on eBay. The difference is, people actually respect me. Maybe you don't see that respect is important, but I would argue this.

you have to give respect to get it, first of all I have no issue with you, you put yourself in the situation and made it an issue on your own, Im going to speak my opinion. I never disrespected you. if you come at me with respect, you get it back, I don't deal with emotion and all that the same way you do, Im about business, im not going to get emotional and stop dealing with people because of something they type on a message board, but if that's the way you operate, cool I respect it. people on the board are not moving with respect, do they respect panini? topps? or do they complain constantly and talk about any & everything they get a chance to? people lining up for free items and praising people like they are god because they got a free card, yet if you don't give em a deal or let them slide after extremely late shipping & bad business they go crazy, I mean? if you respect that? and that's your line of respect? cool, we dont' see eye to eye. I have no problem not making an offer on any of your cards in the future.
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