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how many times do I have to tell you the same thing for you to understand it?

the reason the feedback comment is incorrect, is only because I was unaware that you had shipped the cards right before I left it.....

what more do you want me to say about that?

it wasn't a lie at all, I didn't have all the information, the comment I left is what I understood the situation to be........

once the situation changed I agreed to change the negative feedback, the mods didn't edit the comment correctly.........

Im extremely done with talking to you about it, I've told you the same thing 1000 times but you still keep saying the same ole BS.......

I say I was right, because I was RIGHT...... you did ship late, you did duck pm's, at the time I left the negative you wouldn't respond and i thought you stole the money.

even after the fact that you shipped the cards late, I still feel like the whole deal was shady because you ducked me on pm's and then shipped the cards real fast, ignored me and then contacted me as soon as they arrived, you knew exactly what you were doing.
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