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Originally Posted by nuccionino View Post
It isn't wrong, that's the issue. It's the truth. The facts were shown and you STILL tried to say you were right. Same thing with fishdaddy, and it started the downfall for you. Everyone saw fishdaddy doing every thing and anything to clear things up and you kept acting like a big baby, refusing to back down. And you are doing that with me too, I threw all the prove out there that your feedback is wrong, that your assumptions are wrong and you STILL refuse to accept it. I need to say it because it is true, you always think you are right.

on a side note i've told you a million times the feedback was wrong because at this point you have delivered the cards even though it was extremely late, and could be updated, however I don't have control over that. get it through your head, that needs to be done by a MOD or ADMINISTRATOR.......... UNDERSTAND THAT FACT.
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