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Originally Posted by nuccionino View Post
So you are blaming the MODS now for the feedback, and not yourself. You told the MODS to put what was said, that is a fact. See what I mean, you love to blame everyone but yourself, it's funny.
when the mod asked me if the comment was correct I said he was more than welcome to adjust it as I had received the cards. however I would still leave it a negative and I would say shipped late, with poor communication... and that's exactly what I said.... anything you say different is just a lie, you can ask the mod yourself. you must have provided shipping information or whatever to the guy, I never did, I didn't even have it to provide him, if you remember when you were arguing in the thread I said I needed your e-mail to look it up because I didn't know the dates, so how was I even going to provide him with it? that was all YOUR DOING.
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