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Originally Posted by Texas Brave13 View Post
did I quote you as saying so? every conference has some balance to it, and there are teams that will thrive and teams that will not...then there are teams that are the pivot-man if you will...a Baylor...maybe it's your team for a season...

For instance, Vandy is usually in basement of the of the SEC as far as FB and they are just fine with that because when it comes to revenue sharing, they cash the MOFO in on the success of the rest of the SEC...

see the trend here?
Hell, Vandy isn't too bad at Basketball either.

They're also like Baylor in that they are GPA boosters for the rest of the conference.

The SEC cannibalizes itself every year. I will admit my Razobacks have been pretty bad this year, lots of injuries and really poor offensive line play have robbed the team of it's ability to be dangerous on offense. Plus losing 3 WR's and a few good defenders doesn't help either (oh yeah, that Bobby guy thiking with his wrong head certainly didn't help).

Oh well, there's always next year.
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