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Originally Posted by JohnRyno View Post
Braves are a big market team which helps a lot on when selling on ebay. It all depends on what you have, really. Hank Aaron/Chipper Jones stuff will always fetch a nice price at auction.
Originally Posted by ripandlist View Post
Oh my bad, I thought he was looking to keep his Braves stuff.

Yeah I am keeping my Braves stuff everything else is going. I have probably a small u-haul worth of stuff.

Originally Posted by teosdesserts View Post
COMC's fees seem crazy. $.25 per card to add to the site, Plus shipping it to them???
Originally Posted by thescout View Post
the 25 cents seems steep, but when you sell on ebay every single card that you sell costs 30 cents to paypal no matter how cheap so whats the difference really, plus you can't sell cards for $1 on ebay because it's really $3 basically with shipping so even if you end up with 50 cents it's basically 50 cents you didn't have, shipping is negligible if you send a lot

See to me if you could move stuff on COMC quickly I think it wouldn't be bad at .25 cents a card. But if it sits is what worries me.

I sold rougly $30-$40 on eBay the last month or so and my ebay fee was like $4.25 for 3? auctions. That doesn't include my paypal fees and shipping expenses.
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