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Originally Posted by thescout View Post
the 25 cents seems steep, but when you sell on ebay every single card that you sell costs 30 cents to paypal no matter how cheap so whats the difference really, plus you can't sell cards for $1 on ebay because it's really $3 basically with shipping so even if you end up with 50 cents it's basically 50 cents you didn't have, shipping is negligible if you send a lot
It's really a lifesaver for cards that go for .50-8.00 dollars or so. I just found COMC in September, and in 2 months, I have sent in about 1500 cards, costing me around 400 dollars in fees, however, I have sold 968 dollars worth of cards, and have about 1100 left. It adds up when you send in a lot, and do your research.
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