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I agree with Ajax1723...I was introduced to COMC at the Nationals this year and dumped about 1500 cards there. I have since added 2 batches for another 1500 cards that will be ready for Black Friday at a total cost of around $700 (Including cards submitted at Nationals).

I have cleared that and have several hundred dollars available at this time with an inventory of almost 3k in cards. I plan to set special prices to blow through those hopefully in the next 2-3 months so I can send in my next batch of cards...

I am a huge fan of COMC when it comes to cards $.50-$20.00. I still have several cards of that value on Ebay as well, but they're free insertion at the time and it helps with searches by having a variety of players in your store. Still only less than a year into this hobby turned business, so I will have better numbers to compare next year...Good Luck!
Check out my Ebay store daily for new additions...PM me with some of your wants/needs....

So, good to hear I rate military disability....too bad it's 0%....
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