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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
If it weren't for Cam today we get killed, he played outstanding in the second half

If we had a competent coaching staff who knows how to manage the clock or a defense that doesn't fold like cheap lawn chairs we win this game solely because of the way Cam played today.

I like you cking, but maybe you should actually watch the Panthers games if you're going to continue to blame Cam. Yes he was the reason we lost a couple of the early games and he had a poor attitude, but he's the only reason we've been competitive over the last month.
To expand upon this, we've had the lead in the 4th quarter in 5 of our last 6 losses, just like we did in like 14 of 16 games last year, same story, crappy defense that folds under pressure of winning games.

Cam isn't losing these games for us, he's the only thing giving us a chance to win right now
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