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Originally Posted by Zach23 View Post
i tried to get like 15 different things and couldnt get checked out fast enough.....was i the only one that couldn't get jack???????
Yeah, I have gotten up early the last two years and got shut out both times as well. The first year I tried to wait for combines shipping (rookie mistake). The second year, the site was so slow everytime I got to checkout my items were sold out. (But I did get in on the early deal this year!)

Originally Posted by metsandweezer View Post
i think it was on twitter, facebook, and in a black friday thread last year.
Yeah, they will post to all three. They used to have some exclusive eBay deals as well. I don't know if they are doing that anymore.

Originally Posted by pengages View Post
So you're saying I could potentially be paying hundreds of dollars in shipping if I take advantage of tons of deals? That just doesn't make sense, bo should refund us some of that money since they'll more than likely ship it all out @ once.
The above statement about getting shutout is probably the reason they won't change anything. They really don't need to. They get plenty of attention on BF and sell out on all their offers, so why would they need to make the deal any sweeter? I would say take the shipping out of the discount and then decide if you still think it is a good deal. Most of the time it is.

The other populate tip is to prefill your cart with $150 worth of product you would like, and when a deal comes along you want, add it and you will have free shipping for the deal item along with the $150 worth of stuff.
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