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Originally Posted by trixstar View Post
I'd be curious to see which of the same posters were all over Cam's jock last year.
This is the exact reason I keep bumping this. I cannot begin to tell you how cocky and arrogant some of the big Cam investors on this forum were last year when he was tearing it up (if you consider 6-10 tearing it up). They were so certin that they were sitting on a gold mine payday. I tried to tell them diffrent and all I got was called names, swore at and nasty pms sent to me. But I must say it was worth it. I never like to see people lose money as I have lost large amounts of money in this hobby over the years myself so I know how that feels. I do however like and enjoy seeing people who think they know everything shot back down to earth. There was a few members who were being downright rude to me last year during our Cam Newton debates. Thats karma. What did they expect? Did they think they were gonna talk smack about Cam to me and then when Cam starts sucking I was not gonna say anything about it? That will never happen. I wont tuck tail and shut up for anyone. If someone messes with me they better be prepared to get messed with back. Diffrence with me is I dish it out but I can take it as well. Some of these clowns love dishing it out but they all butthurt when you give it back to them and resort to name calling and insults. Its all good though. I am getting the last laugh, as usual.
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"
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