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Originally Posted by Tarheelsfan2012 View Post
Nice mailday! The Hilton is gonna be costly if its the first one that shows up. I know theres a huge collector of the emeralds and mirror black rpa's from certified. Good luck with it!
Yeah, I figure the Hilton will cost a pretty penny, but I'll still grab it when it pops up. The Brazill was a steal at $20 shipped. Even though I could make easily twice what I paid for it, I wouldn't part with it. Once a card hits my PC it never leaves.

It's odd that the Hilton emerald hasn't popped up yet. It's only a matter of time, I suppose. Three 100-yard games this year, he's certainly one of the better rookie wideouts out there and I'm sure the market for him is getting hotter. I'm guessing the Hilton emerald will go for about $50-$70.
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