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Originally Posted by mnvikingstwins View Post
Nexus part 2? Who the heck is Reigns? I somewhat know the other two.
Somewhat know the other two? How can you call yourself a member of the IWC without knowing who Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose is? C'mon MNVT, you're better than that .

Apparently Reigns is Roman Reigns, a wrestler on NXT. I haven't seen him too many times on NXT, but WWE must have a lot of faith in him to give him this kind of push.

I hope this is a great stable, but I really hope they don't call it Nexus 2.0 or have it turn out like Nexus. Hopefully Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns won't turn out like Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty, who interfered in Cena/Barrett and went absolutely nowhere.

We'll have to see if Brock joins up. If he does, this could be very good.
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