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Default Gonna be a weird Thanksgiving for me this year

So we don't have a big family, just me, my parents, sister, one grandparent, and then 3 aunts, 1 uncle, and 4 cousins who live out of state, so we've never really had big family dinners. But I've always had thanksgiving with my parents and sister, and my grandmother the last few years since we moved her into an assisted living home here in Michigan.

Even when I was in college I'd be home for Thanksgiving, and when I graduated and moved back to Michigan, my sister would come back into town from school for Thanksgiving.

Well my sister has graduated and moved to NYC to work on broadway and for the next few weeks she is doing some small show in Pennsylvania for some reason so she wasn't able to come back into town for Thanksgiving. So my parents are going out there to see the show and have Thanksgiving with her, something I had no interest in doing as they're driving out there Wednesday morning and staying through Sunday.

So now I have nowhere to go for Thanksgiving, so looks like no Turkey for me this year (not making a whole one for myself, haha). So I guess I'll be firing up the grill, cooking up a nice big steak and "enjoying?" my Thanksgiving by myself this year.


That's gonna be a weird one
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