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Originally Posted by YankeesKRD View Post
When you say "complete" these sets what do you mean? There are 50 characters that have been sketched, so people try to get one of each character sketch?

I'm new to non-sports this year (been collecting MLB for many many years) so I'm just curious what the methods are with this stuff.

Thanks for your post!
Yes, the base sketch cards are a parallel set to the non-sketch /199 base cards. It's not clear how many there are, but there's one character per artist--I think there are different artists doing different characters, though.

So, what I'm talking about is that I have a sketch card for all 50 characters. I guess you could go totally nuts and try to get all 50 by one artist, but I'm not even sure that any artists did 50.


By the way, if anyone else out there is trying to build these character sets, I'm listing some of the base sketch cards for the characters that I had a few versions of. I'm gong to try to keep it to just what I need for the 2 sets other than for a couple characters I really like the sketches of
I no longer own any sports cards in case you find one of my old selling threads. Sorry.

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