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Originally Posted by cardicity View Post
trixstar - Thanks

Texans81 - I'm not trying to sell it, I asked about it in a trade deal and they said it was $30 BV and I though that was high and I only have the Beckett Monthly Mag and it lists the Base RC for $2 and the Red Zone as a 6-15x BV multiplier and I didn't think a Blackmon would demand the full 15x BV which would be the same multiplier as Luck, RGIII, etc. I would have thought more like maybe 10x multiplier. Oh well, I don't want it that bad. I would much rather have a BV$30 Luck or RGIII card. LOL
*scratches head* actually bud I'm pretty sure that'd be the same multiplier as ALL of the Red Zones. The multiplier is constant, what is different is the base card value. I doubt that the RGIII and Luck base RC's have the same value as the Blackmon (though this IS Beckett we're talking about, so could be) but The RGIII and Luck, I'm just shooting in the dark here, are probably more like $4 or $5. So then applying the multiplier, they would be in the $60-$75 range for those two.

at any rate, to be honest I think that trading by book value is a bad idea to begin with. Book value doesn't mean diddly spit and is not an accurate representation of market value of a card. best way to establish value on a card is to look at recent sales. Its the old saying "a card is worth what someone will pay for it." so if you look on ebay and see 4 or 5 copies of a card that have all sold reasonably close to one another, that's the value. Not what some stupid overpriced magazine says...
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