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Good for you! Great decision, you'll never regret it!

The first 3 days are the worst. It just sucks outright. No way around it. I did the patch the last time, helped take the edge off, but still stunk. After the first 3 days, the nicotine is out of your system, so the rest is all psychological. Its the HABIT of smoking that becomes difficult to cope with. All those times of day when you always have a smoke is when you will be struggling. Just hang with it, those moments pass in a few minutes.

Take deep breaths, it simulates the calming effect of smoking. 3 or 4 deep breaths will usually help you. I didn't do gum or other things that reinforced the hand-to-mouth or oral habit, either, but that was just me.

Don't tell a ton of people, either. Maybe a few close folks. It puts more pressure on you and you are more likely to fold. Just do it for you.

Remember: 3 weeks! Make it through the first 3 weeks and you are on your way! And don't EVER go back and have just one. You WILL start smoking again! Its like an alcoholic, you cant have just one! Trust me, this tripped me up and took me another year and a half to quit again.

Good luck! Stay strong! You can do it, I promise! YOur lungs and your wallet will thank you! (Plus, nobody likes a stinky smoker. After you've stopped for a while, you'll smell a smoker and realize how nasty it is...)
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