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While I agree they don't make the playoffs I'm amazed at how far they have come. Schiano was getting killed at the beginning of the year and now you can make a case that he is the leader for Coach of the Year. He has completely changed the attitude.

They have succeeded with a rash of injuries as well. 2 Pro Bowl Tackles have gone down for the year. Clayborne, their best defensive player last year went down after 3 games and starting LB Geno Hayes is out for the year.

Their secondary is a mess. They are continually running out 7th rounders and UFA and trying to disguise them as starting CBs and Nickel CBs. I like Barron but he's still a rookie and is having some growing pains.

I think Vincent Jackson has made a HUGE difference for the offense, even bigger than I thought he would when we signed him. He stretches the field which opens up the run game and it takes a ton of pressure of Mike Williams. Freeman now has confidence in his WRs and isn't trying to force everything like he did last year. He's still not quite there yet but after last year and the first couple of games this year, I was just about ready to throw in the towel on him. The last drive of the 4th quarter and the drive in overtime yesterday were perfect. I feel like I did 2 years ago when the Bucs vastly overachieved only to come crashing back down the next year.

I think if they bring in a CB in free agency and draft another one, they are definite playoff contenders next year.
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