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Originally Posted by Texans81 View Post
*scratches head* actually bud I'm pretty sure that'd be the same multiplier as ALL of the Red Zones. The multiplier is constant, what is different is the base card value. I doubt that the RGIII and Luck base RC's have the same value as the Blackmon (though this IS Beckett we're talking about, so could be) but The RGIII and Luck, I'm just shooting in the dark here, are probably more like $4 or $5. So then applying the multiplier, they would be in the $60-$75 range for those two.

at any rate, to be honest I think that trading by book value is a bad idea to begin with. Book value doesn't mean diddly spit and is not an accurate representation of market value of a card. best way to establish value on a card is to look at recent sales. Its the old saying "a card is worth what someone will pay for it." so if you look on ebay and see 4 or 5 copies of a card that have all sold reasonably close to one another, that's the value. Not what some stupid overpriced magazine says...

Well I was confused also. The beckett mags say the multiplier is between 6-15 x BV so I am guessing the common stuff is the 6x but you would think that Blackmon (Until Yesterday. LOL) wouldn't demand the same multiplier since there is a variation and it's not a set multiplier for all. Sometimes they just seem to make things more difficult by having different multipliers especially since the same amount of them are made for all the players so they should all be the same. If the card is worth a dollar or 10 it has the same print run being serial numbered so there are no more or less of any of the players so they should all be the same book value wise. As far as going by BV I just use that as a guideline when trading but I also take into consideration what they sale for also so it's more of a guideline but only for trading. If I am buying or selling then I go by SV which is more realistic as for what a card is actually worth dollar wise. I don't B, S, T by just value as I also go by if I need/want the card more then I will give more to get what I need/want. Any way you go, this "Hobby" is screwy. One day you can sell a card at 10% bv and the next you can sell the exact same card for 100% bv. It's hard to understand sometimes so I try not to think too hard about it. LOL Have a Great day, I always value other fellow traders input. Thx
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