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Originally Posted by dabears_n_2012 View Post
It's football card news becuase he plans on buying more cards (more than likely of the football genre) with the money he is saving from quitting smoking... On another note - why do you feel the need to be the Football Forum Thread Police?? I'm new to the site - but I've seen a lot of the posts you've made in other threads....just immature & uncalled for. The OP is making a statement to a community of people he feels comfortable with, and is in need of support for his decision.... If you don't feel the need to support him - move the hell on and hijack the next thread.
24 posts, huh? Look me up when your balls drop.

Originally Posted by Niels50 View Post
Go crawl back into you'r hole Backer
I refuse to recognize someone who can't tell the difference between a Proline and Replica helmet. F-ing newbies. Making stupid threads that show a total lack of knowledge.
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