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Alright, not to scare you off or anything since you are doing the right thing but here is my story.

Pack a day since High School. Never seemed to slow me down, I still played football in school, even semi pro after I graduated (my college did not have a team) I know smoking was killing me, made my teeth and my fingers yellow and made me smell. So its not like i did it for the glamor. But I was an addict.

After about 15 years of smoking I stopped. Cold turkey. No cheats, no patches. It sucked. And it never got any better. Even after 3 months I still felt like I wanted to smoke. At least for me it never went away. I ended up gaining like 40 pounds in 8 months. So what did I do? Started smoking again cause I'm week. Dropped 50 pounds since I replaced that candy bar with a smoke and now I'm on the fence if I can do it again. Keep us up to date on what works for you! All I know is that I suck at quitting
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