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Default Issue with member On Card Auto, bad trader?

Two weeks ago we agreed to a deal for a high end auto of mine for three of his. Communication was great when we were discussing the deal, then I sent it and the communication became spotty. He was on the boards, checking emails but not responding. The DC says my card arrived, but it took a week for him to finally answer with this:

"Sorry for the delay I thought I wrote back guess I didn't. It was shipped a couple days behind yours due to hurricane and power issues/post office being open, it did ship, I'm home in the morning from work and ill get you the dc?

That was on November 9th

Still no cards from him, still no DC then on 15th I get an email after countless emails from me stating:

"Yes it was sent I will have to check with the post office. I dont live on blowout so it may take me a day or 2 to respond fyi"

"No worries I understand I work nights so I'm not home but I'm off tomorrow so ill email it to you when I wake up, although I have to think you should have it by tomorrow or the next day. I'll call post office too"

That was my last communication with him. I have sent him multiple emails that he has read.

Anyone else have issues with him? This was a pretty high end card so I am paranoid and pissed about this, he had good feedback, even though he disappeared for a while.

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