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Originally Posted by TrueNE_09 View Post
That's a bummer. So, no interest in going wherever your sister/parents will be? Is it because it is out of the way/inconvenient? One idea would be to go out there and surprise them, so you have the nucleus of four together. That'd be cool, and they'd probably appreciate it.

Otherwise, looks like it is just you, a slab of beef and a bunch of football. And of course all the Blowout people on here talking about their turkey & pie guts all day long...
Originally Posted by jbellis74 View Post
I would go with the parental units. Don't want to give you a sob story but my Dad is not here anymore so I would take every special moment and be with him for all of them. A surprise sounds like a good idea plus I would want to support my sister in her career choice even if its some small show in PA.

If you don't have to spend a fortune on flying I think I would just jump in the back seat of the parents car and go
Extremely inconvenient as they're spending like a day in Pittsburgh on the way out there with my dad's best friend growing up and I don't want to have to board my dog for 5 days again after doing it for 4 less than a month ago for my cousins wedding.

And I definitely don't have the money to spend on last minute airfare on thanksgiving, I don't even want to know how much that would cost.

And on top of that, it's not even like they're having a normal thanksgiving dinner, they're just going out somewhere to eat because my sister is only there for a few weeks for this one show so she's in a hotel, no kitchen to cook.

They're really going out there not for thanksgiving, but to see the show as they try to see as many as she works on, this just happened to be around thanksgiving so they decided to go out there for it.

I'll survive, it'll just be weird
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