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I would strongly consider selling your Miles Austin collection NOW - seriously - don't wait another day - put them all on Ebay and sell them - now hear me out - I understand you might be a big fan and have every one. But what better time to cash in on it. The reason to do this now is to be patient, and when he cools down - or think about the dead time in the offseason after the Super Bowl - you will be able to buy back I bet every one at half the price, maybe less. I just don't see him sustaining it. And yes I've picked him up and started him on a FF roster last week as a flex player.

I've just seen this so many times before - guy has a few hot weeks. What I keep wondering is where has this prouction been since 2006? I think it's great when people collect a player, I just think the sensible thing is to recognize a good opportunity to sell, knowing you can ALWAYS buy back later. Of course if you own a 1/1 or something that you are afraid you couldn't buy back, then keep it. And maybe making a profit doesn't interest you and that's ok as well.

I just agree w/ iluvfish2 - this is like a dream time to sell Miles Austin cards. The prices are insane for a guy that hasn't done much except for the last 2 weeks. Mabye I'm wrong and he goes for 100 yd games weekly. I do like it that after the big week, the coach backed him and said we need to get him more involved (think i read 50 snaps a game) - and like that he was giving the starting chance. Compare that to the very overrated Roy Williams - and how much they pay him for doing nothing.

I also think Roy Williams is a good example - he has had some nice years in the past w/ the Lions - and at one time I know he was hot - so just think if people sold Roy Williams at the peak. You could buy back now for pennies on the dollar. I am not saying Miles Austin will turn into Roy Williams, but I do have to believe one year from now, you'll be able to buy ever Miles Austin card for much much less - i'd bet 50% or less than what they are selling for this week.

There are certain players I like to hold on to, but I always keep my options open - because I know with Ebay and other outlets today, you can always find most cards again. Perfect example - Brett Favre - I've been a lifelong Packer fan - live close to Green Bay - and in 2007 during the big playoff push - in that week before the Pack/Giants game - I unloaded thousands of dollars in Favre cards - a bunch of 92 stadium club high series, 91 stadium clubs, all sorts of rookie card lots, as well as a few nice auto cards - that week was the absolute peak i saw for Favre's rookie/auto cards in a long time - of course he had moments w/ his first retirment, and have been some peaks over the last few years w/ Jets/Vikings comebacks - but I made a killing over those few playoff weeks, leading up to the NFC Champ game.

And over the last few years - I was able to buy back alot of those Favre cards I sold, most of them for about half what I received during that peak. Some alot cheaper, as in my area, it is hit or miss - some are totally disgusted w/ Favre and have dumped his cards real cheap (even nice RC's) - and others continue to root for him. I just wanted to share that story - as it applies to every collector - and not just this Miles Austin selling opportunity - but when a guy is hot - it's usually best to sell - knowing you can get it back cheaper as soon as a few months later.

Just wanted to share my thoughts and that story - I enjoy the card business and love to hold on to certain cards that mean something to me - but also always keep the business sense in mind, and if i have the opportunity to sell at an ideal time, it's just more money to buy more cards later! I find it fun to do as well - that's why I never try to get too attached to any card - if the price is right, I'll sell almost anything, if i beleive i can get it back cheaper at a later time.

Should be interesting to see how Miles Austin finishes the year - I wish him the best - good to see someone who makes "peanuts" in terms of NFL compensation work hard and produce. It's why I hate to see these guys get huge contracts - look at Greg Jennings - big contract, having one of his worst years -not saying he's not trying - but he sure looked to be working alot harder when he was after that big contract didn't he? Look at Larry Johnson, Terrell Owens, Roy Williams, etc - those guys make me sick - I think it's clear we are seeing that big money deals don't equal production.

Have a good day everyone!
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