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Default Anyone Interested in a Danario Alexander Lot?

Had a few autos from his stint with the Rams but now that he seems to be a threat in San Diego and no longer has knee/hammy issues (stupid Edward Jones Dome turf!), I have no ties to these.

Get this lot at 60 dlvd while you can!

Sage HIT Silver RC Auto
Sage HIT RC Auto
Prestige RC Auto 483/999
Gridiron Gear RC Auto 115/299
National Treasures RC Auto 3/99
Gridiron Gear RC Auto 221/299
Certified RC Auto 183/250
Certified RC Auto 115/250
Certified Blue RC Auto 29/50

Gridiron Gear RC 197/250
Gridiron Gear RC 17/25
HOARDING: Dominique Curry 29/36 (6-1/1's)

Mouschi Customs: 2...and counting

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