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Captains Log: Stardate 11.19.12

Somehere in the Midwest System

Apparantly, letting all of your vacation time build up and not taking it is frowned upon at Starfleet Headquarters, so the Admiral ordered me to take shore leave this week. So I accompanied two of my senior domestic staff (my 5 yr old and 10 yr old) out for some R&R on Rysa (otherwise known as the NW Suburbs of Chicago).

While out, our shuttle craft chanced upon a card shop (AKA LCS), which we were able to barter admission to with a few Ferengi bars of Latinum. Once inside, my 5 yr old decided to partake of the local fare by purchasing a pack of 2012 Gridiron and R&S (the captain also purchased a few supplies, such as top loaders in case a Romulan assault needed to be repulsed on the journey home. Everyone knows top loaders nuetralize Romulan cloaking devices...). Anyway, one the way home, my 2nd officer opened his packs and was astonished to find an Aaron Rodgers base card in his one pack of Gridiron! Not only that, but Mr. Rodgers favorite target, a one Mr. Jennings, was also included in said pack! Imagine the chances that a person was excited over non-auto, non-jersey, base cards? I immediately broke out my tricorder to ensure my 2nd officer wasn't suffering the effects of some unknown Klingon ailment, but he was perfectly healthy!

So, in this day and age, the cadets are still intrigued by the mysteries of... Base Cards!

Individual Packs. The Final Frontier!

(Sorry, this is what happens when you drink bourbon and surf the net... I'm sure Haiku will understand.)
"I see great things in baseball. It's our game--the American game. It will take our people out-of-doors, fill them with oxygen, give them a larger physical stoicism. Tend to relieve us from being a nervous, dyspeptic set. Repair these losses, and be a blessing to us." -Walt Whitman
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