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OK, I have to bite on this thread. I may mispell a bit but:

We have a new local brewery here in the Twin Cities named SURLY! It may be hard for you to get any as they are having growing pains and are very local.

Surly Furious: An all out assault of hops on your taste buds, but it works because of the simco hops that provide a grapefruity aftertase.

Surly Coffee Bender: Sound gross? It's not, incredibly smooth beer with a tiny hint of coffee flavor, not overbearing.

They have 3-4 other kinds, but they weren't as good.

Dragons Milk is my favorite high gravity imperial style stout.

If you have a Trader Joes in your area and haven't sampled their Boatswain line of beers, they are a must! Very reasonable, yet very well crafted beers. They have:

Double IPA: great IPA with quite the kick 8.6%
American IPA: one of the best IPA's I've ever tasted
Heavy lift vessel: very smooth high gravity beer
Chocolate Stout: not so much

Can't remember the names of them but I've also been sampling some of the new beers aged in oak whisky barrels, usually come in a box. Very, very tasty.
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