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Originally Posted by freethrowtommy View Post
I can't believe he managed to get so many first round picks.
Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
i can. he finds ways to break/bend the system every year.

that's ok. it's wonderful watching him get burned like that after dumping his bench and all his next year draft picks.
lol nice.... What is he trading a ton of bench players to the CPU for draft picks?

Thankfully I'm set with WR's (Torrey and Steve Smith)

I am however looking for a good CB as I lost an 85 overall in FA's, My cap was horrid with the panthers, I had no money this off-season.

Really sucks I missed the draft, I put in 2 hours of scouting and planning and the CPU made some horrid pick, I was like 25th overall to pick so probably nothing great left anyways. I was planning on drafting a CB that had 92 speed and 89 man to man projected to go early 2nd round and a TE with nice speed in the 3rd round.

Anyways, if anyone has a CB 85+ Man Coverage and 89+ speed.... Let me know who you need.

Deangeo williams or Jonathan stewert are up for trade and I put alot of devoplement into both as williams was injured for 8 weeks last year.

I would be looking for a good CB and right tackle for either of them.
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