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Originally Posted by TOMBB25 View Post
What an awesome brewery, I'll have to see if I can get that one locally.

Not really an issue with these, beer like wine can age very well but depends on the beer, these should be doing well, as long as the temp stays stead

I drink Arrogant on the regular, I actually had it two nights ago lol, just an awesome all around beer. Arrogant, Dead Guy and Racer 5 are my go to beers.

I'm literally just serving this beer at my tasting party to get rid of it, I think it's disgusting, definitely a novelty beer to have for fun. I ordered two of them, wasn't even able to come close to finishing the first one.

Thanks for the kind words, I'll probably open half of them and let the others sit for a while longer. I pick up about 10 beers a year to age, just depending on what I find. There are a few beers out there I can't get over here in CA, like Goose Island stuff, I have a friend in Chicago that should be back here next week and I'm hoping she surprises me

Dogfish Head is definitely worth the search! My buddy recently moved to California and he has been looking for it too. It says on their website that they don't have a distributor there yet but I'm sure it can be found. Their seasonal brews are always spot on and I haven't had a bad beer yet! It helps that the brewery is 20 minutes from my house!!
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