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Originally Posted by paul06901 View Post
This was a test version, backdoored from Fleer and were never originally signed.

People either had them sent to the players, or fake-signed them themselves.

As for Barkley sigs, I'd only go with PACK-ISSUED & CERTIFIED.

PSA/DNA/BGS/etc all GRADE FAKED CARDS. Grading and authentication is subjective.

I'd be willing to bet a GOOD majority of high-end authenticated/graded autograph cards are FAKE.

The only Barkley auto in this thread I'd bank on is the Autographics!

Just look at that thread from last week with the guy having 50+ ebay auctions with HOF, star autos all signed with PERFECT and almost IDENTICAL signatures to the players themselves.

All it takes is a great artist and a lot of practice ... STICK TO PACK-PULLED!

No offense to anyone, but I assume any non-pack pulled autograph item to be possibly fake and worthless ... no point in taking a chance to save money and end up in possession of a base card with some ink that a 50 year old loser from Arkansas signed himself (no offense to 50 year olds or anyone from AK )
I got mine that I posted above in person as a kid...dodged a bullet there.
I think PSA and JSA both try to do right and offer a good service authenticating autographs, but I agree they are far from perfect. It can be easy to spot fakes, but that doesn't mean there aren't good fakes out there.
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