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Originally Posted by Nodie27 View Post
You know what you're missing? This guy! Those beers are very rare. I can't think of anything else other than the Chimay 150th Anniversary and maybe the Firestone Double DBA. I think double DBA tastes like Sam Adams Utopia (at least close to it) for $300 cheaper.

If you can make it up to Napa on December 9th, you're invited

Originally Posted by jiggidy View Post
Not sure if you can find it in Cali or not but Dragons Milk is an awesome beer.

I've heard of it, just recently but have never seen it.

Originally Posted by zachtruitt View Post
Sorry, I'm an idiot! They do have a distributor in CA so it can be found!!
Yeah dogfish is everywhere, BevMo's, Whole Foods, etc. They just don't distribute everything, so you typically see their normal stuff, i.e. 90-minute IPA and a few of their specialty brews like Bitches' Brew, but very seldom.
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