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8-1! only the third team they've played thats under 500 this year, they've had the toughest schedule in the league (or at least thats what was stated on the post game, haven't seen the actual stat) thus far. buy its great to see them stomp out a team like this, who they could have very well lost to last year and other years prior.


raymond playing great (as expected! +30 in 29 turnover...) kidd is ridiculous as well. such a heady player.

sheed, my man came to PLAY this year. didn't expect this kind of burn or production out of him.

wtf is wrong with novak??? he needs to get himself right! he's the only one on this squad not playing great ball right now, he'll turn it around.

knicks AGAIN with only 10 turnovers, have just as many games with 10 or less turnovers this year as they did ALL of last year.

again, not to get excited too much about a win against the hornets -unibrow, but these are the games the knicks used to lose, and not only did they win but they dominated. got some rest for the starters so they can be fresh for dallas tomorrow.

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