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Originally Posted by lucky4444 View Post
and btw your going to have to add Pacino's autograph to the worst list lol
Nah, I don't think the Pacino is so bad.

Originally Posted by Deathgate View Post
Olivia Munn 9 of 14 pulled. Woo-hoo!
Added to the list, thanks. Congrats!

Originally Posted by matpat21 View Post
Did 2 boxes today and they were actually both 1/1's, I can only remember one of them though, Curtis Lemay 1/1. Does anyone have any idea what his auto actually goes for? Thanks
Added that one to the list. Would appreciate the other name when you have a chance. Congrats on two 1/1's!

Added TONS to the list since BO went down for awhile.
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