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Originally Posted by Nnamdi21 View Post
What did I win from u that I didn't pay? Curious to know as I pay for everything I win. Don't be a clown like mcgahee
oh i'm a clown? well heres the following emails we exchanged following you f'ing up my McCutchen listing.

if you would've treated what you did with the littlest ounce of dignity and respect towards someone you had dealt with a ton (me), i would've maybe not posted anything here to begin with. fact is you're a spoiled rich boy with no respect for others and don't own up to anything you do. it was cool of you to have Dante attempt to intervene and let me know how you would kick my a$$ next time you saw me too, and that my post was effecting your sales.

everyone should know about the fraud you commit. so here at the emails to add further proof if the OP was not enough (i have x'd the curses)

after all of this disrespect and lack of trying to rectify the situation in any humanly way possible (i don't know if there even was one) - i decided to post this thread, which caused you to run and hide for a while until recently.

please let us know how all of this makes me a clown. besides potentially wasting my time to call a scumbag like you out

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