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Originally Posted by cardlover29 View Post

Pacino has the worst autograph in the history of autographs. I have got him in person may times and it is just a line or a L or just a loop. its garbage. if you see any of his graphs thats more than that I can tell you that its fake.
Added to worst, it is an L much like Simon Cowell and black on black auto.

Also, added Robert Pattinson to the worst.

Do you have those Shore pics? PM me.

Originally Posted by matpat21 View Post
Did 2 boxes today and they were actually both 1/1's, I can only remember one of them though, Curtis Lemay 1/1. Does anyone have any idea what his auto actually goes for? Thanks
I see you listed them and the other 1/1 is Rex Harrison.

Added to list.
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