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Originally Posted by jason122883 View Post
They need to set up a new rule where you get dinged on the itrader or something for backing out of breaks. Everyone fills these up, then last minute several people drop out in almost every break I am in.

It should be considered a "Deal" once you say you are in. Just outrageous the amount of times it happens. I could understand seeing it once in awhile when an emergency comes up. But every break I have joined on here it happens with several people. Not that hard to be a man of your word
I think it's kind of an unwritten rule, though I could be wrong. When you say your joining, you commit to pay for the slot price by the date/time given by the host. It's very clear in the instructions, and I think more hosts need to start dinging people for backing out.

This has gotten worse, it seems, in the last few months. I have only been doing breaks since late May I believe, but I know a few breaks I've been in recently filled and then had to be moved back to testing. It's uncalled for. I understand if something comes up. HOWEVER, I would be amazed if something came up for five people in a 32 slot break. At the very least, it provides me with a long list of people I know I'll never deal with.

I'm not condemning everyone who backs out of breaks. Like the OP stated, everyone runs into emergencies every now and then, but this is symptomatic of more than half of all breaks. Spots have to be given to backups and it just slows things down.

So, I agree with you, something needs to be done to start to weed those who aren't standing behind what they say when they say give me spot....
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