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So I went to my lcs to see if he was pre-selling any of the cases...he said he is getting his allotment of 2 cases and pre-selling boxes at $90/box. I told him I purchased a case at $650. He asked where was I getting it at that price..."ebay" and I said no I'm getting them from blowoutcards. Man that set him He was ranting how he doesn't understand how blowout makes any $$$ and that he can make a huge profit of $1500 just from his 2 cases while blowout has to sell 100 cases to even make $4000.

I was kind of shocked to say the least. He also mentioned something about the other owner, not Chris, is opening up a brick and mortar store because that is where the $$$ is.

Well needless to say I told him I am getting my case at $650 and that is why I don't buy cases from him because he jacks up his prices to make a profit to pay for his expenses. Oh well...guess he knows where most of my $ goes to!
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