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Originally Posted by lambeauleap87 View Post
I thought these looked like the free magazine type of thing when I first saw this thread...I see that I was right. OP, with all due respect (and I'm saying with all due respect here), you can go suck a pig.

Jesus Christ you guys make my blood boil when I read your comments. But I have to bite my tongue and be professional.

In response to your quote above, they are free but only available in this local area and also limited. So I figure I'm kinda helping out duck bands across the nation that don't have access to them. What's so hard about that? I am NOT going in and grabbing stacks of them! Like I said before I grabbed 2 maybe 3 at most, end of discussion quit pestering my petty little thread and get a life.
I'm not doing anything illegal and I'm not bothering you. You really don't have anything else to do than to worry about what I'm doing in trying to make a dollar or 2?
By the way I do a lot of this posting on the fly from my phone so it's hard to investigate every little thread and detail.
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