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Originally Posted by Trueduckfan View Post
Jesus Christ you guys make my blood boil when I read your comments. But I have to bite my tongue and be professional.

In response to your quote above, they are free but only available in this local area and also limited. So I figure I'm kinda helping out duck bands across the nation that don't have access to them. What's so hard about that? I am NOT going in and grabbing stacks of them! Like I said before I grabbed 2 maybe 3 at most, end of discussion quit pestering my petty little thread and get a life.
I'm not doing anything illegal and I'm not bothering you. You really don't have anything else to do than to worry about what I'm doing in trying to make a dollar or 2?
By the way I do a lot of this posting on the fly from my phone so it's hard to investigate every little thread and detail.
If you are doing this to help fans that don't have access to them, then sell them for free, or just the cost of shipping!

Sounds more like you're helping yourself out and playing it off like you're just being nice.

If you're going to take free magazines and try and sell them for a profit, then own it, don't play it off like you're doing favors
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