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Originally Posted by Gibberish View Post
I do not understand
They offer a venue where they pay for the bandwidth and now they are supposed to have someone come moderate trades?
There is no safe way to use forums for trading, period. It's all by gut. The ONLY option is to offer a escrow service...but no one here has mentioned payment,so that is expected to be free as well ?
Your following logic would be that it encourages sales, makes people keep buying... and that line of logic, true or not, holds no water in this situation.
Talk is cheap and threats are talk. If they had a marked decrease in sales, maybe,but that isn't happening because people buy and could care less about forums, period.
So, unless you are willing to set up a fund to pay someone to operate as an escorw provider, then this is all titty baby ranting since it does nothing else other than to provide a point to complain

nobody needs an escrow service or funds etc. I run a website myself and have moderated many boards over the years, it doesn't require much more than a login and checking on situations daily....... how difficult would it really be for a mod to check up on 10-20 situations a week?

the basic dynamic of a message board is that it has mods and admins........

but you completely missed the point..... it wasn't to say they "HAVE TO" do anything, it was more to say, if you are "NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING" stop kicking people in the nuts over these simple rules......

if it's a free for all and they just back out of responsibilty cool, then do that. but if your going to try to hold this strict set of rules over thread bumping etc, then hold the same rules across the board, long story short the rules are being enforced quickly on stuff to piss people off, but not to create a fair marketplace.

I mean banning someone over a thread bump that was a little too early? get real...... that's not even logic.

yet people steal peoples money for days on end, leave negative feedback for the person they stole the money from, you have to file claims with paypal etc to get ya money back? I mean? it's just obvious......

it doesn't take much effort to take action on things like that.

a guy on here took my money for over 10 days and told me he'd give me a refund when he felt like it, I had to file a claim on it......... ZERO action by a mod...... but I get banned for a thread bump that wasn't even a thread bump, it was a response to people in the thread asking me questions about the cards? that's crazzzzy
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