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Originally Posted by Gibberish View Post
I was a moderator for a website that has,at any given time, 3 million hits a day with close to 290k members.....I would not wish that duty on anyone and if no one has done it before then you cannot possibly understand how wretched that duty is.
People who do it for free are crazy. It jades you and makes you insensitive to people's concerns and feelings to the point that you will LOOK for any rules infraction to ban people at times.

Training people...I pity anyone who is being trained to be a moderator No matter what you are told, it is a 8-10hr a day freebie activity
I hear you. I was actually a mod for a while on a site much bigger than this. I guess what annoys me is the promises over and over that more mods are being added yet they never are.
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