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rule breaking is rule breaking is rule breaking. a thread gets bumped early and reported, you get a break. it's a rule. it's cut and dry. That's not a mod focusing only on those infractions. They're just easier to handle quickly since it's cut and dry.

a scam situation could take mods ages to handle since they have to gather both sides of the story. If one party (the scammer) chooses to take their time to reply, it takes even longer.

again, it's not the mod being petty, it's them handling everything at once, but early bumps (in this case) are cut and dry and easier to mete out.

shoot, i'll be a damn mod that just looks at transactions if it will make people feel safer. not that i'll have any power because in the end, it's on the traders to protect themselves as best they can. The current mods are in the same situation.

had a new member offer me a card I needed. they were against using paypal, and I insisted because I got a weird feeling. Haven't heard back since I insisted. probably saved myself some time and effort and lost cards/cash.
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