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I am 33 years old and for the past 3 years I have been a single parent to my now 5 year old. His mom and my wife passed away 3 years ago from breast cancer. Not exactly the direction I envisioned but as I found out quickly its out of our control. My son coincidentally was born on our anniversary and in a small blessing when his mom passed he was to young to know what sadness was. I started looking for a hobby and something to keep my mind right and last year I stumbled upon some chrome football blasters at Target. Immediately I flashed back to being 5 myself and collecting cards with my father and I knew I had my answer for some enjoyment. I dove right in and started collecting with my son. Granted he get most of the "common" cards but he couldn’t be more thrilled to open some packs and get someone from his favorite team or someone he heard me talk about. I believe that thrill a 5 year old gets is the same feeling we all get when we get a great hit. For that reason its important to me that my son is involved in collecting at a young age so when he is older he can share that same joy and excitement with his child one day.
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