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it's incredibly easy to spot scamming........

make a rule, if you don't have DC in 10 days from payment and someone reports & shows that fact...... your banned.

not to mention the guy logs on, calls you all types of wild names, proves himself that he never sent anything, refuses your refund, it's one of the most popular threads on the board because everybody was in it talking back & forth commenting on the situation, NO ACTION at all...........

now you are suggesting yourself as mod, but you called me all types of wild names for a deal that never was.........

am I in the twilight zone right now.........

people steal from you, it's well known and people do nothing, but you get banned for a thread bump..... meanwhile I alert people to someone stealing from me, it goes 12 pages, he says right in there he would give a refund if he felt like it, cursing me all the way around and no action what so ever......... the thread had 4,000 views........

something just tells me? something isn't exactly right about that.
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